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sometimes you find a book at exactly the right time

A few more lines from Writing From The Center by Scott Russell Sanders. I love this book. Whenever I pick it up, I find myself, upon setting it back down again later, saying thank you thank you thank you.


“To be centered, as I understand it, means to have a home territory, to be attached in a web of relationships with other people, to value common experience, and to recognize that one’s life rises constantly from inward depths.”


“We need to know where we are, so that we may dwell in our place with a full heart.”


“The effort to know and care for and speak from your home ground is a choice about living as well as writing. In that effort you are collaborating with everyone else who keeps track, everyone who works for the good of the community and the land.

Trees tap into the soil, drawing nourishment and returning fertility. Capturing sunlight, breaking down stone, dropping a mulch of leaves, replenishing the air, trees improve the conditions for other species and for the saplings that will replace them. So might writers, through works of imagination, give back to the places that feed them a more abundant life.”