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good advice from Bill & Dave’s Cocktail Hour

Bill Roorbach writes, “Number one question at every panel I speak on and every workshop I teach, and in the many emails seeking solace, and etc: How do you find time to write in such a busy life?  And how can I?”

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I appreciated the end of his column:

“I mentioned infants and I know from experience that kids and parenting require enormous amounts of time, all the free minutes along with all the other minutes.  I also know that the pressures of parenthood can fall more on women than on men, especially in the early going.  Couples have a duty to make their schedules together, but make their schedules nevertheless.  You can get a lot done in the ten minutes a pile of Legos buys you with your three-year-old.  You can still think while changing a diaper.  You can still take a note or two for future reference before collapsing in a heap.  And when you have to go to work, you get a sitter, or drop the baby in your spouse’s lap.  Just as you would to teach a class.

And mourning.  That’s a whole ‘nother subject.  Let’s just say there are times a person can’t write and during those times you’re allowed to forget it, so long as you know it’s all going to come back around, time healing all, as they say.

But, normal times, no baby at your breast, no death in the family:  Call your writing work.  Claim all the odd  minutes that are built into even the busiest days for writing.  Write down your work schedule weekly and in advance.  And stick to it as you would stick to your class or other work schedule.  Your kid says, Will you drive me to town?  You say: Wish I could, but I have class.  No guilt, no recrimination, right?  Your kid says, Will you drive me to town?  You say, Wish I could, but I have to work.  Same.

Once you start believing in yourself, the rest of the world will follow.”